Most Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Since our latest blog post, answering your most frequently asked questions about booking escorts in London, our agency has been inundated with even more questions that you guys would like us to answer. From questions about booking over the phone to how can I pay for my booking, due to popular demand here is our second instalment of how we answer your questions. If we miss any questions that you would like answering be sure to contact our agency today and we may bring out the third part of this blog.

Why are some of the girls' images blurred?

Just like the majority of our clients, our models want to be as discrete as possible. Blurring out the faces of some of our models, protects their identities especially considering some of our girls have other careers and families that they want to keep separate from pleasing you guys. Our images and descriptions still leave enough to the imagination, so you still should be able to decide which one of our escorts to book.

What Information will I be asked to provide over the phone?

Here at Mayfair Models, we like to create unique services which cater to the client. We will ask for you to describe what service you are looking to indulge in and if you have any special requirements such as your date arriving in a certain uniform. These questions are up to you to answer with as many details as you feel necessary. Information which is required on the other hand is a name, a telephone number and the address of where you would like the booking to occur. This information will not be shared with anyone as we have a strict discretion policy.

How and when do I pay for the booking?

Here at Mayfair Models, we ask you to pay in the opening 15 minutes of meeting with your date. You don't want to start the meet up off with an awkward silence as your companion waits to be paid, so don't delay to the point you have to be asked to pay, it can really ruin the mood. In terms of how to pay, currently we do not accept card payments and we ask that you pay with cash in hand with the money in a brown envelope to keep it safe.

How do I get ready for my date?

Preparing to meet a London escort is no different to getting ready to meet your date. You want to get ready and dress to impress. Make sure that you have had a shower because if you haven't you will be asked to when you meet your date and use some nice aftershave to ensure you smell nice.

How do I know which girls are available to book?

At Mayfair Models we are happy to share a fantastic range of beautiful London escorts with you which you can browse over at our gallery page, when it comes to knowing what ladies are currently working today we have made it very simple for you and have created a gallery which lists the escorts available today so any girls which you see on this page are available for your out-call bookings.

How long can I book a girl for?

Mayfair Models don't currently have any restrictions on how long you can book our escorts for if you would like to spend 10 hours with them then no problem as long as you pay the fee upfront. We only have a restriction on the minimum time which you can book our ladies for and that is 1 hour.

If you missed our "Part 1 Of Most Frequently Asked Questions" then be sure to check out that blog post also.