How Safe Is It To Use An Escort?

Okay so this question is asked a lot all around the world and more so from the people who have never booked escorts and question “how safe is it actually to use an escort?” and hopefully by the time you have reached the end of our article we have answered your question and you can go away happy!

So a lot of people have the misconception that “escorts” and “prostitutes” fall under the same category and this is not true in the slightest and the sooner we can clear this up the better really, prostitutes are the type of ladies which you would pick up from the street and simply have “sex” with but whether not any of these girls are clean or not is a total mystery and you only have your rubber to keep you protected but even then it’s only a 99% chance of keeping you safe and there is always a chance that your condom could rip and then you can run into problems. Because prostitution isn’t controlled and run properly it allows anyone to work in this industry whether they may be clean or dirty girls which are a big issue.

Okay so let's move onto the escort girls and the big difference with this is that this industry is a BUSINESS and it is professionally run, it means that there are standards which have to be met in order for it to be successful and that is the main difference between the two that any girls which you find working as an escort are always clean as if they are not they won’t be aloud to work for agencies or work independently, you will also find that these girls will never allow sex without a condom for the fact that they value their safety just as much as you and they always want to be clean themselves and not only that it will put a big shadow on their careers as an escort.

Do they get regular checkups?

The one thing about escorts is they are always getting regular tests and checkups and this is not only for themselves but too also comply with agency procedures because if you have any STD then the agency will sure want to know about it, escorts value their life more than money but whether you can say that about "prostitutes" is a completely different question and whether or not they visit the doctors on a regular basis to get tested is another topic all together but then if they do test positive how will you ever know because they certainly aren't going to tell you for the fact that they will lose out on money for themselves.

The common confusion that escorts are just there for sex is 100% not true and you shouldn’t always just believe what you read online as everyone including the media likes to portray that the escort industry is a bad thing for society and this really isn’t true! When you book one of our escorts, for example, you pay for the time and companionship of this girl so this means that whatever you both agree on in this time together is completely up to you, our ladies can be used to treat your loneliness and if you want to go for a nice meal but not on your own then this is one reason why you would book an escort, you can take the ladies out to events, have them come on a night out with you and even take them to weddings or festival events.

So are they safe to use?

Absolutely, escorts are safe to use, the important thing to take away from all of this is that “prostitutes” are there for one thing only which is, of course, to have sex with you… The escorts are here to spend time and keep you company and there is the difference these girls are professional and treat you like your the only man in the world. You should never be afraid of using an escort services no matter what it may be for, they are 100% safe, hygienic and friendly and you don’t have to worry about a thing, hopefully this has cleared up any confusion for you surrounding this industry and now it is time to experience an escort for yourself.