Guidance on How to Book an Escort in London.

When booking an Escort in London there aren't exactly rules to how you should be but if you would like your experience to go smoothly and have an enjoyable time it would be wise to follow guidelines as there are many different Escorts whether they're an Independent or registered with an Agency that will appreciate you understanding the guidelines of booking an Escort, in this article I will list tips and helpful hints.

  • During the initial process when booking the Escort of your choice, be sure that you are polite and respectful and be clear about your choice of Escort and Service.
  • Before the appointment make sure you understand all of the Agencies or Independents policy details this includes how to make a donation and whether or not your Escort would like to reveal their identity.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness is a must (which is obvious) but taking care of your appearance will make your appointment go a long way.
  • Make sure you confirm any details before your appointment such as where you're planning to meet, how your Escort would prefer their donation, there are Escorts that accept gifts for a donation.
  • If your appointment is an outcall booking be sure the place of your outcall is cleaned whether that be your own residence, rented hotel room or apartment.
  • Treating your appointment more like a date will most certainly go long way, bringing icebreakers like flowers will open your date to a better flow unless stated otherwise.
  • The Last important tip I can offer is promising an offer you can't deliver and don't be dishearted if your date doesn't go as well as planned, dynamics between people don't always work out and there are always other Escorts out there that you can book an appointment with.

Mayfair Models offers many Escort services where these tips will be useful and helpful, why not check out the gallery and try out these tips.