Did You Know We Accept Bitcoin Payment For Our London Escorts?

Hello guys and here we are back again with another blog and we have really stepped up our game and the onsite content with a blog a week it is looking like! Which is great news for you punters who just love to read our content we publish?

This week we are happy to announce that Mayfair Models are now accepting bitcoins as a form of payment when booking our London escorts and this is excellent news for you online currency traders who are moving over to virtual currency,

The only real problem with bitcoins at the moment is the stock market is very unstable with the price reaching up to £15,000 for one bitcoin then fluctuating up and down and at this moment in time the bitcoin is only worth £7,905.48 to the british pound so since hitting 2018 the price has almost halved so it is a bit of a risk on our behalf that we accept bitcoin payments for our London escorts but it’s a market which no one has really entered yet so we are hoping to be one of the first to do this and hopefully we can capitalise on this, if you don’t try then you will never know I guess!

Never Heard Of Bitcoin? Where have you been hiding?

You would think that because Bitcoin is an online currency that there would be an unlimited amount to purchase but this is not the case and there is currently only 21,000,000 coins that exist for the main fact that if there was an unlimited amount then it would massively devalue the crypto currency and make it useless, so basically get in while you can because this is way the world is moving to where everything you pay for even our escorts in London will be via some form of crypto currency but Bitcoin has taken off the most so far and it is looking like a great investment.

Did you know that you can mine bitcoins? (well not physically but mentally) and our Bitcoin London escorts have recently begun farming because they know it will be worth it in the end! The way you mine a Bitcoin is by solving mathematical problems for various transactions around the world and it does sound a lot more complex than what it is.

Bitcoin has a small or no fee payment when sending currency across the world so this is great for you travellers coming to London who would like to arrange a booking with our London bitcoin escorts because you won’t have to pay any international banking fees like you would sending money through the bank!

If you would like to read up on more facts about Bitcoins then be sure to check out The Fact Site.

How much would it cost for a 1-hour booking with a Bitcoin London escort?

Okay so if you were to arrange a 1-hour booking with our bitcoin escorts then you are looking at £120 which in bitcoins would convert to 0.01516 of a Bitcoin, please be aware that this is only going off the current market price and this could go up and down.

If you were to book a London Bitcoin escort for an outcall booking which would usually cost you £150 then it would equate to 0.01895 of a Bitcoin so this may only be a fraction of a whole bitcoin but again it is still quite costly when you think about it.

Want to make a payment to our London escorts via Bitcoin? Just mention it to the receptionist when you call us up on 07899 700 700.